Standing Boujee and Proud

I am standing as a fun, loving, humorous yet mature woman who is ready to share her world and stories of inspiration and motivation with others.

I am standing as a public-school teacher in America with a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

I am standing as a mother who, too, gets hopeless, drained, defeated and just plain worn out and often questions, “am I doing the right thing?”

I am standing as a woman who once had what people would call the “American Dream,” yet I lost it all with no clear plan in sight and no apparent reason to continue walking out the plan that God has for me.

I am standing as a woman who supports other women and who believes in the gem that lies in each woman’s being.

I am standing as a woman who supports mental health awareness and takes pride in declaring that I would not be here, happy, healthy and whole if it was not for extensive therapy sessions.

I am standing with a melody in my heart and a song in my soul for women of all ages who lack worth, self-esteem, fear, courage and feel like there is no way to ever be happy and content with themselves and the beautiful things that they have to offer outside of their bodies and toxic relationships.

I am standing as a woman who wants to help others get their hearts back on track and love deeply again after disappointments, failed relationships, and unsuccessful marriages.

I am standing as a woman who has no clue how to raise a boy and parent with his dad living in another residence; however, I am determined it will get figured out with teamwork, dedication and lots of love.

I am standing as a woman who decided to create a new beginning, new adventures, new rules and new standards so a more meaningful life can be lived and so that my son can one day look back and be proud of his mom.

I am standing as a woman who knows from the depth of her soul how good God is and how his mercy endures forever!

I am standing as a radiant, warm-hearted woman healed from past mistakes, from suffering, from shame, and pain and who is ready to embrace a new way of living.

This is more than a blog to me, and I am no expert by far—I still don’t know what I am doing yet so eager to learn and grow. However, this is my chance to share my world with people far and wide in a FUN way in hopes of encouraging and motivating women, including mothers, through style, humor, and inspiration.

So, here I stand―

Standing in confidence and standing in faith.

Standing in perseverance and standing in strength.

Standing in dignity and standing in class.

Standing in grace and standing in motherhood.

Standing in love and standing in peace.

Standing in forgiveness and standing in hope.

Standing in resilience and standing in style.

But most importantly, standing in my story, standing in my truth and standing in my purpose.

Standing as…

The Boujee Black Mama! AKA Wade Mama

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