8 tips on how to be a SOUL SURVIVOR!

Listen, life is hard and at times it SUCKS! It can ruin your soul to the point where you want to rip it out, throw it away and live a numb life! Trust me I know, however your ability to cope is crucial. It is either going to make you or break you forever. Being mindful of how a disturbed soul and overactive mind can affect your everyday life is so important. When you are mindful, you are in touch with your true self, your emotions and you are accepting that something needs to shift in your life. We cannot control everything that happens to us that may disturb and shock the soul, but we can develop meaningful, healthy ways to heal our souls when disappointments and unfortunate situations show up in our lives. Our soul is so delicate. It is attached to our mind, our emotions and our feelings and can affect our everyday functionality if not taken care of. Our soul must be handled with care, and that is solely up to you to do. Here are a few key things that aided me (and still aid me) in healing my soul after disappointments.

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  1. Have faith– Hold fast to the Lord. In the mist of struggles, he is there; you must acknowledge that reality. You don’t have to love your situation, but having faith allows you to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get to the other side of your disappointment. He will guide you through the greatest challenges and lead you safely home.
  2. Have patience– Once your soul is bruised from anything traumatic or life altering it stays in that state for a while and nothing will ease it instantly. Of course, there are some unhealthy things that can ease it but only temporarily. Having patience with yourself and your soul when it has been disturbed is key. It will get back to its normal state, and although it may take a while, don’t blame yourself for how long it may take. Don’t let impatience get the best of you. Be patient with yourself because the Lord is patient with you.
  3. Have gratitude-Gratitude is both an attitude and a choice. Choose to cling to what is good. Take what is good and glue it to you. Put all the good that you can in front of you. Cling to the good, even with yourself. Spend time challenging yourself to find one delight, one piece of joy and one piece of peace daily while the Lord is ordering your steps and putting your soul back together again.
  4. Have courage- Healing your soul requires courage. Some people are truly afraid to heal because that means being uncomfortable and doing some hard work. However, when you choose courage to help you heal, it opens a world which is new, unknown and different (which can be scary yet changing you into a different person that is for your good). Courage allows you to replace an unhealthy soul that is driven off misery into one that is radiant and warm-hearted.
  5. Have healthy, self-care regimens– Get up, get going and give your soul some fresh air-your soul will need it!  Listen to uplifting music. You can even create a playlist filled with songs that pick you up and that are good for the soul. Just press play and feel your soul get rejuvenated. When your soul is trying to heal, you must spend some time in solitude as well so you can rest and be refreshed from the daily grind of surviving what you are going through. Solitude allows you to contemplate situations, make good decisions for yourself and process life challenges while dealing with your emotions without feeling shame or embarrassment. Oh yeah, laughter and a therapist is good for the soul too!
  6. Have a positive mind– “Change is coming.” Replace your old thoughts with empowering, positive, fulfilling thoughts. It rejuvenates the soul. It has the tendency to make the soul come alive when it is being watered with positive thinking and it replenishes the idea that all things are working for your good. Having a positive mind creates perseverance and changes your perspective, giving you the ability to focus on the good that is going on in your life.  
  7. Have a forgiving spirit– When your soul is filled with anger, rage, and bitterness, it will never ever heal. You will, without a doubt, remain stagnant, and you will be on an emotional roller-coaster with your own soul and emotions. What a draining way to live. Let it go! Let go of the anger, of the rage and of the bitterness that weighs you and your soul down and forgive. Forgiveness helps the soul patch itself back up so that you can move forward in peace and in love. Forgiveness is for you and you only!
  8. Have a hobby- Your mind always needs to stay occupied when dealing with being uneasy and uncomfortable. Exploring a new hobby (or revisiting an old one) keeps your mind occupied and frees up negative thoughts while keeping your soul balanced. It allows you to put your focus somewhere else and it gives you something to look forward to and even achieve. It also opens you up to the creative side of you, which allows your mind to slow down and spend time in other places that support your soul while it’s healing.

Healing your soul on your own with the help of a higher power and a solid support system is not easy! It is by far one of the most challenging things that I’ve ever had to conquer, but it has been so worth it! Every tip above helped me, and it helped me give the phrase “Soul Survivor” a new meaning so that I can live a more peaceful, meaningful and joyous life. Give yourself these things, you deserve it!

Now, go be happy!

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