Shake it like a Polaroid picture–AND BE YOU!

Since I am an 80’s baby, I grew up in the Polaroid camera era. Many of my childhood memories, captured and printed from a Polaroid camera, still reside in my mother’s and grandmother’s huge, traditional, family-photo albums. The memories of the camera flashing and the picture gliding out underdeveloped, yet waiting to become a memorable masterpiece, has given me inspiration for today’s blog post.

Just like the Polaroid photo that so eloquently glides out of the camera, we, too, can go from being underdeveloped, lacking color, lacking life to a memorable masterpiece by daring to be our authentic selves, daring to be original and owning that originality.

Originality is the destiny that was created for you. It won’t resemble anyone else’s life. Embrace your originality and your uniqueness. Embrace your flaws and imperfections. Embrace who God destined you to be. Your originality is not supposed to even come close to looking like anyone else’s. Everyone is not you and is not capable of doing what you can do. You have your strengths and your weaknesses, but that is what makes you YOU! On your worst day, no one is you.

I had so much fun styling this windbreaker! It caught my eye in the men’s department and I said, “I can do something with that!” I wanted to get it fitted but my seamstress said, “NO, let’s add a bow!”

Polaroid Jacket: Marshalls (customized with a satin ribbon by my seamstress)
Boots: ROSS

In order to be original, you can’t care about how certain things make you look or seem. All that matters is that you are able to show people that being your authentic self is possible, which forces people to love you as you are even if you are underdeveloped and lack a little color!

Confidence plays a huge factor in being original. When you are confident and own your confidence, it makes you stand out in a league of your own with little to no effort, which adds to your originality. Baby, you can rock anything when you have confidence (but this is a future blog post, so I will keep having confidence brief).

Social media has given us all a false perception of doing what everyone is doing, looking how everyone is looking and dressing how everyone is dressed (even if you are half or not dressed). It has people believing it will get you those double taps and fuel your confidence―NOT! Everyone is doing that. It is so easy to copy, and copying has never made anyone stand out. No one has made a difference being and living like someone else. Being someone else requires too much effort and desiring to have the life that someone else has is draining and will never make you an original. Instead, you’ll only be a carbon copy of the world you live in, blending in with the rest of the world and believing and desiring to have the life that someone else has in the hopes that it will make you happy. Don’t set yourself up to live a miserable life by copying what others have. Your success will come; the man of your dreams will come; your dream job will come; your family, joy and happiness will truly come the day you decide to just be yourself and let your original path that was created for you guide the way!

The dopest thing about life to me is that your scars make you original. Likewise, your pain makes you original. Even your flaws and your past make you original because all of these things have created a beautiful story that is only yours, and that story mixed with a whole lot of confidence will create the originality that you should walk so confidently in. Additionally, your story makes you original, overcoming defeat when everyone else would crumble makes you original and how you bounce back makes you original.

Originality is outside of stylish clothing and the hottest trends. Originality is how big your soul is― how your love makes other people feel, having empathy and compassion towards other and having a forgiving spirit. Originality allows you to own who you are and do what you do with a little bit of extra.

I encourage you to be that eloquent picture that use to glide out of the 80s Polaroid and leave your forever, priceless print on this world and in the lives of others.  I encourage you to consistently walk in who you are and enjoy the fruits of your originality so that, just like a Polaroid picture, you will be forever sealed in the memories of everyone’s path that you cross. 

Affirm today and every day:

  • I can only be me!
  • I may be undeveloped and lacking life at times, but I am an original!
  • Although I’m not perfect, I’m still original.
  • I will stay true to myself and my originality.
  • I will not be a carbon copy of someone else.
  • I do not have the desire to imitate anyone else’s life.

Now, go! Be happy!

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