The Key to Living FREE!

If I could describe freedom using one word, I would have to choose the word amazing! There is a healthy type of living that takes place when you allow yourself to live free. Living free is an array of things, lots of meaning and it varies from people to people, situation to situation. If I could create my own definition for living free it would simply be: the acceptance of your truth while being mentally healthy and emotionally strong; humble joy.

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Acceptance of your truth and acceptance of just how life works, the good, the bad and the ugly is one of the important ingredients of living free! Being okay with where your life is right now with gratitude and having an unwavering faith that things always get better if you are willing to work hard at improving your quality of life is key. A lot of times we do so many useless things and surround ourselves with tons of distractions in order to not accept our truth and our reality. We like to act like it is not even there and that it will disappear on its own. “It won’t”. Not accepting and owning our reality creates unnecessary baggage, it’s emotionally draining and damaging and eventually will get to heavy to bare. It also distracts you from putting in the much-needed work in order to create a new, healthier and peaceful reality so that you can live free! You cannot live in denial of your current reality if you want to live free!

Living free requires you to be dedicated to your growth and dedicated to improving and maintaining your mental health. If you’ve lived long enough you know that everything good or bad starts with the mind. The same effort that we as individuals put into maintaining our physical health, we must do the same thing for our minds if we want to live free. We spend lots of money on trainers to help us stay toned and fine, but if we don’t have a toned and fine mind to go with the physique how truly well are we? How much of life can we truly live and enjoy with pounds of baggage, trauma and scars suffocating our minds and our emotions. How free can we truly live? A mind is a terrible thing to waste, having an unhealthy mind is a terrible way to live. Envogue said it best, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow!” All things great will follow once you take control over your want to be mentally healthy and free. It truly feels amazing! #TEAMTHERAPY

To assume that getting to the point in your life where you are living free is easy and it happens overnight is just than an assumption and a wrong one. It takes a lot of faith, a lot of hope and TONS of emotional strength. No matter how free you get to live, there are always things that are going to happen to try and throw you off track and will if you don’t know how to handle them with emotional intelligence. Not being emotionally strong hinders all types of growth that is needed in order to live freely. Being able to handle things with your mind and common sense and not with your emotions is another special ingredient to living totally free!

Living free has been the best destination besides motherhood that I have reached thus far in my journey. There is not a country on earth or city that I have traveled to that tops creating a free life and living one!

Living free is peaceful, it allows you to live in the present, be more thankful and be in control all aspect of your life and happiness that is controllable and lead by God. It allows you to celebrate small victories more often, stop and smell the roses, and find true value in yourself. It forces you to block out negativity when you can and dispose of the opinions of others. You can do things YOUR way leaving room for knowledge to be obtained and room for immense growth.

I encourage you all to take strides towards living free. Free of worry, free of baggage and regrets and free of being mentally unhealthy. I encourage you to accept your truth, secure a therapist if you must and work hard at becoming emotionally mature. The rewards will be breathtaking, and you will show up in life with a different attitude, a different purpose and a different glow! It is truly a great way to live!

Now, go be happy!

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