5 Things To Take With Into The New Year!

Well to all my “cool cats and kittens” 2020 has ended. I will always be reminded of 2020 by the documentary of Tiger King! What a year!! However, it has ended, and I hope that during this past year we all grew in some area, and if you did not that is okay too. Whether you grew in 1 area, 2 areas, or a lot of areas, you grew! You learned something new about yourself, you stepped outside of your comfort zone, and you looked in the mirror and said… “I don’t like this” and made improvements while still disappointing yourself at times! But you made it.

Now I barely made it, but these are some of the most valuable things that 2020 taught me in order of significance that I plan to take into 2021 and I hope that it helps you this year in your growth and development into your true, authentic self.


We often hear people telling us “It is going to be okay” and sometimes we hear it and sometimes we do not. Sometimes we do not even want things to be okay, we just want things to be over and over quick. But while these “life” things are challenging you, you must have a small piece of hope that you carry with you daily that tells you that EVERYTHING WILL TRULY BE OK. Everything will work out because it is already worked out in God’s eyes if you just give it all to him. He already has the blueprint for everything that you are struggling with and he has already worked it out for you if you only believe.


No one will truly understand why you do what you do because no one knows your journey and personal struggles better than you. No one will understand or must understand your decision making, your pain, your reasoning behind how you operate this game called life. If it makes sense to you, it makes sense to you and let 2020 be the last year that you spend explaining yourself or proving yourself to anyone. Embrace your journey and know that everyone will not understand it and that too in itself is ok!


Deprogramming the mind is not for the faint at heart, especially when disappointments seem to follow you. Changing the way that you view people because of your own experiences and grief can be a tough and daunting task. However, putting everyone in the same category because others have failed you will forever have you living in the past and held captive to the negligence that people have had with your feelings. Fear of hurt or the unknown is common, and you should undoubtedly have boundaries with new individuals, however, if you never give anyone a fair chance (even if you get hurt), you will never see that people have different intentions, motives, morals, values, and character which will be the guide in which you use to embrace the one who is for you.


Stop and rest!! Do not overextended yourself this year, saying NO to yourself and others is okay. Stop and smell the roses, take yourself out to eat or even out the country. Do something special for yourself once a day no matter how big, no matter how small this year. I encourage you all to spend time in solitude, enjoy your own company when you can and let no one make you feel guilty for doing so. Take care of your health, your mind, and your soul. Surround yourself this year with things and people that make YOU feel good inside and who make you feel alive. Work on decluttering your living space and making your home your sanctuary. Get dressed up for no reason at all, make playlists of feel-good songs, and even invest in a therapist if you need to this year! I highly recommend it.


The main lesson that helped me get through 2020 without losing my marbles was accepting that almost 100% of the negative things that we experience with people is not personal. People have their own inner struggles, past trauma, experiences, insecurities, doubts and even fears which is often projected onto other people unconsciously. More than often, what people have going on with themselves has nothing to do with you. Take everything as a grain of salt this year, get your emotions in check, put people where they belong, and never let the actions of other people affect how you feel about yourself.

I hope in year 2021-you selfishly choose you.

I hope in year 2021 -you choose to smile more.

I hope in year 2021 -you choose to love more.

I hope in year 2021- you choose faith or fear more.

I hope in year 2021- you choose to be yourself more.

I hope in 2021- you choose being present than being perfect more.I hope in year 2021- you choose to be happy more!

Most importantly, I hope in year 2021- you choose the protection of your peace OVER EVERYTHING!

Love you Daddy!

Now go be happy! IT’S A NEW YEAR!!!!

*Photos taken by Shot By Smoove (IG: @shotbysmoovee)*

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